Publish With Caution

white caution cone on keyboard

Don’t publish what these companies did! It shows you’re rushing and/or not paying attention, which is not something you want your customers to think! Let me help you ensure clean copy.

It looks like American Girl’s copy people were in a big hurry to update pages (they didn’t even spell their company name correctly!):


Dining Receipt

On a local restaurant’s receipt:


The Cheesecake Factory ad

Someone didn’t learn the “i before e except after c” rule:


While doing some online shopping the other day, I found multiple errors on just a small section of text within Here is a link to the actual page, and below are the changes that are needed:

The Issues

  • “Everyday” is one word only when used as an adjective.
  • There must be a comma before “providing” since that end phrase is a nonessential clause.
  • “Prefect” has letters transposed (kind of ironic considering the misspelled word is “perfect”) 

As I was looking into vacuums, I couldn’t help but notice errors (noted in red) on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. It always amazes me how often people confuse “lose” and “loose.”

BBB vac mistake