Services & Rates

Proofreading: A read-through for spelling, punctuation, minor style and grammatical errors only. For copy other than manuscripts, any graphics will be proofed as well. Proofreading is helpful when you want a “fresh pair of eyes” but think the copy is clean or if it has been read by others. Should other types of errors be found, a copy edit may be suggested.

Copy editing: Checks for everything within proofreading, plus any style or language issues, consistency and spots that need clarification or other adjustment. Light fact checking (for fact-heavy documents, contact me for more information). For manuscripts: also checks for minor plot and character issues; major issues would require a deeper edit.

*Occasionally, projects initially sent to me for copy editing end up needing deeper edits. Projects requiring deeper editing (such as major restructuring or character development) will be taken on a case-by-case basis and will require an adjusted quote.*

Non-Authors Only

Project management
: Includes assigning articles to freelance writers; managing the copy and deadlines; editing the copy for content, flow and grammatical/style problems; and a final edit after approvals have been given.

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Manuscripts are always billed by the project. The amount is based on several factors, including manuscript length and writing quality. Contact me for a quote and a complimentary sample edit. I cannot quote the project without seeing a sample.


Billing may be hourly or by the project, depending on the type of work. (Rates fall within the ranges set by the EFA.) The amount of time spent on any given project will vary based on the initial quality of the project’s writing and the content. Any needed fact checking will also impact rate. For an estimate of the total fee, submit a few pages or sections (depending on overall project length) for review. Project rates can be negotiated in some instances. Contact me for more information!


  • It is recommended to have a final edit done on all types other than proofreading. This helps ensure clean copy, especially if changes have been made by others since the copy edit. Additional charges for time spent will apply.
  • Rush fees may be applied in certain cases.
  • Responses to project requests are typically sent within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from me within that time, please try again, because I likely didn’t receive it.