“When I completed the first draft of the manuscript of my novel, I searched for a freelance editor. I sent out sample text to judge the editing quality of editors offering their services. Of the replies I received, one editing sample stood out from all the rest, and that was the one sent by Amber Jones Barry. Not only did Amber suggest corrections and revisions, she also listed comments and questions to show me, as the author, where I would need to further clarify my narrative. One thing that impressed me more than anything else was that Amber took the time to research a certain term I used and correctly informed me that it was not to be capitalized. The price Amber quoted for the editing job was acceptable. Selecting her as my editor was therefore a combination of high-quality editing and a reasonable price. Working with Amber was a pleasure, as she returned the manuscript faster than I could have expected. The quality editing I noted in the sample was continued throughout the text, leaving me with plenty of follow-up work, work that was guided by Amber’s corrections, notes and comments. I thoroughly enjoyed the editing process and will most definitely choose to work again with Amber on future projects.”

 -Ellis Shuman, author
Read Ellis’s account of choosing an editor.

“When I first began self-publishing novels, it quickly became apparent that I didn’t remember all those pesky English lessons from school. At first, I decided to enlist the help of family and friends who had majored in English. For a quick patch, it was okay. But I knew I needed the services of an experienced editor; one that not only knew about grammar and punctuation, but also about style, consistency, story development, etc. I didn’t want someone to change my story, just smooth the rough edges. I wasn’t sure where to find this person. And then I read a review about Amber Barry by Ellis Shuman. She seemed like the perfect person for the job. At the time, I had six novels that needed help, and after a sample edit, I knew she was exactly the editor I needed. She has now worked on eight of my novels (with many more to come), and she not only finds errors but flags sentences that might sound forced or that might not make sense to readers. That kind of information is invaluable. I highly recommend Amber Barry. Her prices are in line with the industry, and her work is stellar and on time. Test her with a sample page – you’ll be impressed.”

-Nicolette Pierce, author

“I have worked with Amber for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration on projects large and small. We worked together extensively at Atlanta magazine and I always found Amber to be flexible, thorough and just a pleasure to be around. She is an excellent copy editor and writer, but working with someone directly and consistently requires more than a thorough understanding of what is needed. Amber’s quick response, attention to detail, congeniality, humor and ease with which she responds under pressure is what has made working with her so pleasurable. In my current position at Trio Media Group I have continued to depend on Amber as a trusted resource for copyediting and writing and am happy to recommend her to others.”

-Elaine Hightower, Trio Media Group

“I have known Amber since 2007 and have worked with her as both a writer to her editor, and as an editor in need of her freelance services. In every instance Amber has proved not only to be an expert at her craft, but always on time, always generous with her knowledge and always easy to work with. She is able to turn projects around quickly without sacrificing quality or attention to detail and has been an incredibly important and valuable team member on many projects. I never hesitate to recommend her.”

-Andrea Carneiro, Editor in Chief, Z-LIFE magazine


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