Why to Publish With Caution

white caution cone on keyboard

Don’t publish what these companies did! Let me help you remain looking professional with clean copy.



It looks like American Girl’s copy people were in a big hurry to update pages (they didn’t even spell their company name correctly!):


Dining Receipt

On a local restaurant’s receipt:


The Cheesecake Factory ad

Someone didn’t learn the “i before e except after c” rule:



While doing some online shopping the other day, I found multiple errors on just a small section of text within Maidenform.com. Here is a link to the actual page, and below are the changes that are needed:

The Issues

  • “Everyday” is one word only when used as an adjective.
  • There must be a comma before “providing” since that end phrase is a nonessential clause.
  • “Prefect” has letters transposed (kind of ironic considering the misspelled word is “perfect”)


As I was looking into vacuums, I couldn’t help but notice errors (noted in red) on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. It always amazes me how often people confuse “lose” and “loose.”

BBB vac mistake